About US


CR Towing Los Angeles is an awesome company that specialize in providing awesome towing services that are worth the money. We take pride in the fact that we have a million plus clients who seek our services from time to time.

The team works together to ensure that we deliver the best towing services to our customers. We have also networked with truck and other towing truck equipment companies that enables us to stand tall and remain supreme.

Social media has helped us to continue to deliver the best towing services to our customers. If you are active in any of the platforms, you can use them to get in touch with our support. For instance, if you do not have credit on your phone but have internet connection, you can login to any of our pages and post a comment. We will locate your location and send someone to help you out.

The team we work with undergoes vetting and additional training that enables that we consistently meet our clients needs even when it seems difficult to do that. The personnel are also committed to create one of the best relationships with our customers through outreach and other outdoor activities that inform them of the services that we offer.

The prices in our services are quite competitive and this is one of the main reason why we continue to deliver the best value for money. Call us today for more details about towing services.